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Test to treat

Verified remote testing for your medical business

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Certific is adaptable to a variety of tests
Remote certification
Certified tests lead to better sample collections
Faster diagnostics
Reduce the timeline for diagnosis and treatment
Connected data
Connect to national and private healthcare databases

Our promise

Medically certified remote tests for faster diagnosis & treatment

Our step-by-step testing process enables your customers to perform certified medical tests remotely.

The solution

The platform comes with a built-in verification function - recorded video - verifying the entire testing process from beginning to end at a time that is convenient for the customer. Our app also includes instructions making the testing process a user-friendly and pleasant experience.

Certific’s solution covers ID and test verification, result verification, certificate and report. For positive results, we also offer a prescription service or a referral to the GP.

Partnering with Certific means that you can offer your customers a hassle-free secure testing service at a competitive price.

    A variety of testing methods:
    Finger-prick tests
    Mouth swab tests
    Saliva collection tests
    Urine samples
    Vaginal swabs
    Patient journey

    Step 01

    Certific app

    Direct the patient to Certific app or connect Certific to your system through an easy API integration

    Step 02

    Patient takes the test

    The patient downloads Certific app and takes the test according to the app instructions.

    Step 03

    Test review

    Verification of the identity of the patient, the test device and the sample collection. Carried out by Certific or your own staff.

    Step 04

    Results & reporting

    Modular reporting options to you and the patient. Connected to your existing systems or securely stored in Certific

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